Zambia 2017 Update #3

20841276_10159221710540343_1832640912_oHi everyone… we have just finished a very exciting four days with New Life Church in Limulunga, Mongu Province! Among the first for us… the conference sessions on Saturday went for over 12 hours straight! We had a fantastic time with a very wonderful people with great teaching from Jeremy on our identity in Christ and from Joseph Mwila on “going to the next village”. There was plenty of prophetic opportunities throughout our visit with evidences of people’s lives being changed. Very cool indeed! Many of those attending traveled over ten hours on foot to be at the conference demonstrating such a hunger for community and God’s word.


23 leaders responding to a call to plant churches


Steve Nawa who leads the Newfronteirs churches here!
With our gift of Mongu rice
Hello Christ Central Fredericton!!

We leave very shortly via a return flight to Lusaka with Flying Mission Zambia and our trusted pilot Jason Speichinger. He even let me fly the plane in the way here (not!). We return to Canada with our first leg of the home journey to London at 2:00am Wednesday. We are looking forward to seeing everyone!


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