Zambia 2016: Update #3

Here is our final update, from our last days in the wonderful country of Zambia.
We last reported that we were about to meet with the Kitwe area pastors last Wednesday… Turns out the number who turned out exceeded expectations by over a hundred with over two hundred and fifty gathered together. This was a significant event and stands as a testimony to Joseph Mwila’s apostolic gift and his influence in the region. They came and heard the groundbreaking message of God’s grace taught by Jeremy and responded, in great humility and vulnerability, recommitting themselves to this core Apostolic message. Many commented, with surprise, to the manner these wonderful men and women of God responded to the messages. In addition over forty church leaders indicated interest in become more acquainted with Christ Central/Newfrontiers values staying after the day’s schedule to hear more!
Thursday to Sunday we were involved in the Newfrontiers National Leadership Conference. These were remarkable times together where we were privileged to share wonderful times in God’s presence, apostolic teaching and more time to continue to develop what are becoming close friendships. The conference was marked on Saturday by the graduation of twenty-one students from the two year Newfrontiers Leadership Course. These leaders gathered once a month for the last two years and attended from their provinces all over the nation. The deep commitment to training and our mission together was evidenced by many who regularly combined eight hours of walking followed by 12 hour bus rides to get to the training centre in Kitwe! Needless to say the conference was full on but extremely rewarding for us all.

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Sunday saw Jeremy and Ann and Barb and I being sent to different Newfrontiers church in the region. For both of us couples it was so good to be in some of the other local works and experience our gathering to God in other local contexts! Later in the afternoon we travelled to the town of Chambishi and participated in aa mass prayer gathering with other church leaders and people from many communities. With the national election taking place this Thursday, it was an opportunity to intercede for the nation where all party allegiances were set aside in favour of calling out to God for peace and calm. It was truly an impressive display of the power of the Spirit in bringing a refreshed sense of unity and new vision for the region.
In closing, as Barb and I wing our way back to Canada we are very thankful for many things… Thankful for growing friendships and partnerships. Thankful for our brothers and sisters who, despite massive obstacles, live happy, joyful lives in God and never complain. The Zambian people live in the hope of the Gospel. We are thankful that they continue to teach us what is truly important and bless us with having the ability to stand against having a myopic view of life. We are thankful for Christ Central Fredericton and the privilege that continues in serving in apostolic team internationally. We bring our community with us everywhere we go!


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