Zambia 2016 Update #2

Hi guys.. Just to recap the past week since arriving… we arrived in Kitwe after our school visit and right away were involved in a two day business conference (July 28/29) organized by DaySpring ministries (Joseph’s Church) called Zambia 2050 which seeks to encourage and motivate young Christian business men and women for the future prosperity and success of the nation. This is the second year for this event which is proving to be a massive encouragement to many. Joseph truly has an “everything” view seeking to see Christ’s kingdom principles taking root in all areas of life!

One of the sessions, by our friend Tony Harwood, even addressed how to start a business with no money. Amazingly, Tony led by example and for two days prior to the conference started his own side business in this fashion. Needless to say this turned many heads! On Saturday, July 30, we took part in a leaders meeting for DaySpring church which was a pivotal meeting, and arguably a watershed moment for the local church, where God clearly spoke prophetically about the next phase of the church relative to Joseph’s apostolic role and the next stages of leadership for the local church. Sound familiar? Suffice to say it was a great time together in God!

That was followed by Sunday’s celebration of the 14th anniversary of DaySpring Grace Church- more great teaching by Jeremy Simpkins and a wonderful display of the prophetic and team ministry. Very cool to be a part of. After that We were whisked away to another church meeting where one of Joseph’s team members, a man named Austin, leads a another family of Newfrontiers churches called Missions Outreach Church. Again a very wonderful celebration and key moment for the church family which is itself in leadership transition.

From there we travelled to Nsobe for a two day apostolic team meeting where Josephs emerging team met with us, the visiting team. Again a very timely and purposeful time together. Of note- Barb and I led a session with the group on the importance of leading through our marriage touching on topics that rarely, if ever, have been given attention in this culture. It seemed like a ground breaking session to be sure! We arrived back in Kitwe last night and in a couple of hours we will be attending and ministering at a local pastors meeting where over 150 local leaders are expected. This is a testament to Joseph’s influence in the city. More on this significant gathering later… To be continued!



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