Zambia 2016 Update #1

Hello Christ Central!

We have finally in Kitwe with Joseph after having a few much needed days off in Lusaka with Tony and Val Harwood.

We left Lusaka on Tuesday afternoon and had an overnight visit with Martin and Carolyn Simbeye who administrate the wonderful Vinjeru Trust School in Kapiri Mposhi. This couple, who started the school 5 years ago out of nothing, now have a thriving primary-secondary school with over 250 students and ten teachers not to mention two very up to date teaching buildings and staff building. It’s a very exciting place to be, demonstrating modern educational standards and teaching methods.

Barb spent the morning with Carolyn, Val Harwood and a teacher named Calvin training them in assessing reading comprehension using the Fountas and Pinnell Reading Assessment Kit, a gift from the students at Devon Middle School.

While Barb was doing that I was helping Martin devise and plan a systematic and sustainable method for teacher assessment and evaluation. It was so refreshing being with them and being around their enthusiasm for what God has put in their hearts!

Keep praying!



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