An Encouraging Visit

  • Being friends, enjoying God together
  • Building churches empowered by Word and Spirit
  • Advancing the Kingdom, transforming the world
  • Reaching the nations, making disciples

    As a church, we hold these four statements as our vision. Our desire is that our ministry is shaped by them now, and that we would continue to grow more and more in them. To see these things happen requires the presence and power of God, great faith, and a lot of hard work. We can’t do it alone! With this in mind we’re delighted to welcome Jeremy & Ann Simpkins and Dave Fellingham this April. Jeremy leads the apostolic team known as ChristCentral Churches out of Manchester, UK. Over the last 6 years or so, Jeremy and Ann have been a tremendous support to our church family, providing prophetic vision, wisdom, insight, leadership, etc. Through many visits (and many more Skype calls!) our relationship has grown strong. We’re very excited for them to be back with us again, but we also recognize that many of you are relatively new to our church and possibly don’t know Jeremy and Ann very well… or have questions about what an apostle is and does. We hope that this visit will help, but in the meantime here’s what Jeremy himself has said about his role,

    “I think we need to debunk the mystique, “apostle” is simply a biblical word meaning “one who is sent.” Jesus is the ultimate “apostle,” sent from heaven to earth. He commissioned [the original and] unique apostles to be sent all over the world preaching his gospel and gathering those who responded into missional communities called churches, ensuring they were built on solid foundations. But Ephesians 4 makes it clear that the risen Jesus is still giving these gifts and they are still needed to help spread the gospel and to lay good solid biblical foundations. I believe all Christ’s followers have callings & gifts from God, the key is to find what you’ve been given and start to serve in that area.

    We must resist the temptation to put leadership gifts on pedestals, such gifts are given to serve the body of Christ, helping us all to become mature and flourish in our own gifts & callings. So in that way it feels like the “normal christian life” for me, I’m just doing what I feel called to do! That is to encourage the church to be the church, to have solid biblical foundations, to keep multiplying by going to the nations and being an influence in society, to be salt & light where ever they go and in doing so especially caring for the poor and marginalized.” 1

    We will also be joined by Dave Fellingham. We first connected with Dave in the late 1990’s and he’s been a friend and a support for many years (even living here with us for three months in 2002!). Dave is very gifted musically prophetically and as a teacher, and we know that you will be encouraged by his visit.

    Our experience has been that these visits provide a great boost in faith, encouragement, and vision for our church and we are trusting that God will use this visit in the same way.

    Jeremy will be speaking on Sunday April 5. On Friday April 10 we will have our Family Meeting where you can get to know Jeremy & Ann and Dave more and hear them answer some of your questions (Please submit questions ahead of time to

    The following Saturday (April 11) there will be a day of teaching and training on spiritual gifts and then on Sunday we will have our regular Sunday morning meeting and a special Together Asking God prayer meeting that evening to cap off their visit.

    We’d love for you to join us for as much of the time as you possibly can! Come with faith and expectation, it’s going to be a great time together!



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